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Gifted Web Writers is a community of writers like you - people who like writing and enjoy seeing their work published. The community empowers writers and rewards them for their writing skills with monetary payments, optional development paths, and plenty of support.


Pay Per Action

As a writer, there are many things that you can do. You can write on your own website, write for other websites, review text written by others, provide copy-writing or technical writing services and communication in general. The paying opportunities offered to the Gifted Web Writers community include all these activity types.


Developing skills

As a member of the Gifted Web Writers you have an opportunity to further develop your writing skills and reputation. Starting as a Blogger with total freedom, you can progress to being a Professional – writing targeted content – and may even become a Reporter with on-going duties. This is purely optional, as we already like you the way you are, but it has the potential of allowing you to partake in additional types of paying activities.


Caring For You

At Gifted Web Writers we care about you. This is why we engage ourselves in a fruitful dialog with our community members and encourage new ideas, comments, and suggestions. As a member you have a single point of contact for all your activities - us. With dedicated account managers, we will be the ones paying you for your activities and helping you to solve any issues you might have.

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