In A Nutshell

  • Get paid writing for other websites
  • Write professional content
  • Focus on marketing messages
  • Extend your skills and reputation
  • Work closely with our customers



Be a Professional

After establishing yourself as one of our Blogger community members, you can partake in new Professional writing activities and add them to your list of paying activities. The purpose of professional writing is typically to advertise, sell, or provide information (technical, support, etc.). Therefore, these activities are closely supervised by our customers, while the process and payments are managed by Gifted Web Writers.


Web Marketing

Professional content is published on customers' websites as part of their overall web presence strategy. In many cases it is focused on the marketing messages of web campaigns, but may sometimes involve more narrative or technical writing. Other professional activities include editing and translation of already existing content.


Building Reputation

Participation in the Professional step is purely optional, but if you are considering a writing career, it could help you sharpen your writing skill and build your professional reputation. You will be writing on diverse subjects, as we have customers in a variety of industries. You will also get feedback directly from their marketing personnel.


Payment Benefits

As a Professional you still get paid for your Blogger activities, but you have the potential to earn a lot more. Although you will interact directly with customers to execute your Professional activities, you will still enjoy Gifted Web Writers' single point of contact for payment and services.

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