Frequently Asked Questions

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 Q: Can anyone join the Gifted Web Writers community?
 A: Anyone may fill out the application form in the join us page. However, in order to maintain our high level of service, we are looking for writers who are already demonstrating their writing abilities through their blog.
 Q: I am not looking to make writing my primary source of income, but would enjoy it as a side income. Does your program suit me?
 A: Indeed it does. While the program offers a development writing path with steps that add paying activities, a writer may choose to accept only Blogger step tasks. In fact, many blog owners prefer to keep it that way.


 Q: Can I have more than 1 blog or website in the program?
 A: Yes, but you will need to fill an application form for each one of them.
 Q: I have just started a blog. Can I include it in the program?
 A: Not right away. It is best that you fill an application form after there is a certain mass of posts in the blog.
 Q: Can I really write whatever I want on your subjects?
 A: Indeed, writing freedom is key to our program. Of course, we do not want you to write something illegal, spammy, etc., but within these obvious limitations you are really free to express yourself in anyway you find easy, natural, and creative for you.
 Q: Will peer review affect my payment?
 A: No. You get paid for your writing activity regardless of peer review.


 Q: Do I have the same writing freedom I have in “Blogger” activities?
 A: For your continued Blogger writing activities the same rules apply, i.e. you have a complete writing freedom. However, in your Professional writing activities you will need to write according to the activity’s specification.
 Q: What is the difference between “Blogger” writing and “Professional” writing?
 A: Blogger writing is intended to expose and create awareness to customers' products, services, offerings, etc. As such, it is not written as an ad and does not endorse the use of the products or services, nor is it tightly supervised by the customers. Professional writing is intended to advertise and endorse products and services, typically in the context of the customers' website. Therefore, Professional writing is tightly supervised by the customers to make sure all the information is accurate and adheres to the regulations governing their business.
 Q: Do all Professional writing assignments involve writing marketing copy?
 A: Much of our customers' needs are in the area of marketing. However, some customers have additional needs for subject-specific content as well as technical content. We try to match those needs to willing writers in our community.


 Q: Can I specialize on more than one subject?
 A: Your area of specialization depends on the scope of your work in the website's team. You may specialize in more than one subject, but this is up to the editor's policy. You may, however, become a reporter on different websites, with different specialization areas in each.

Get Paid

 Q: How exactly do I get paid?
 A: Every month we accumulate the fees you have earned for that month’s activities and calculate your balance. In the beginning of the following month, this balance is transferred to your account with either PayPal or Moneybookers as per the payment information details you give us.
 Q: How much can I expect to earn?
 A: As a Blogger you can expect to make anything from tens up to several hundred US dollars per month. Professional and Reporter members earn more, depending on the individual writer’s reputation. Such members can expect to earn anything between a hundred and a thousand US dollars per month.

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