In A Nutshell

  • Get paid for posting to your blog
  • Enrich the content of your blog
  • Enjoy complete writing freedom
  • Drive social awareness campaigns
  • Participate in peer post review



Already A Blogger

As a blogger or website owner engaged in writing on the web for some time, you can apply and join the Gifted Web Writers community. If you enjoy writing and would like to be rewarded for it from time to time, you have a really good reason to join. Blogger is the first step in the Gifted Web Writers community program, offering you flexibility in writing and reviewing tasks and allowing you to gain profit, experience, and reputation.


Social Marketing

The Blogger step is focused on social marketing, which you will be part of. You will be given a subject, a part of a campaign on which we would like to create exposure or increase awareness. We promote a wide variety of subjects such as products, services, offerings and events, all related to prestigious companies, organizations, or causes. Participate and become part of the Voice.


Writing Freedom

You will be writing in your own blog and we want your writing to be authentic and unique to your blog and its audience. This means that we will not tell you what to write or how to write, we will only be providing the subject of writing. Don't write ads - feel free to think, dream, hope, imagine, educate, comment, guide, anything … with style.


Paying Experience

Participating in Gifted Web Writers is very easy and not overly burdening. The posts or articles you write need not be long and the flow of subjects to write about is often light. It pays nicely in cash, but also in other ways. You will be reviewing the posts of your peers, as they will be reviewing yours (payment is not depending on peer review). You will expend your writing experience with a variety of subjects, gain traction, and build your reputation in the community.

Join the community by sending your application now, and check out Professional, the next

step of our program, while we process your application.


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